Vistula Police Station
A new headquarters of the River Police is located in the heart of the revitalized port district of Warsaw.

The idea of the project was a building that links the river and a bank. The building was inspired by its users - enthusiasts of their work and people emotionally connected with the Vistula. The interior of the building is designed to meet the needs of the work of the officers, who form a well-coordinated team that need a large open space but also needs a place for individual work that preserves professional secrecy. Due to the size of the site and a local land code, it was impossible to place all the required rooms in a larger or two-story building. For this reason, the office part has sliding soundproofing walls of milk glass, that allow adjusting the space to the current case. In the stone block of the building, there are secret rooms, archives, armory, and technical rooms.
Thesis Advisors: Radosław Achramowicz, prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz