Tucson Urban Gondola
The project aims to improve city accessibility and presents different uses of parametric design in different scales and design stages.

The model of the urban site that’s simply geographical has outdated. Interactive technologies of communication and information exchange, fact of global commodity exchange and capitalism that doesn’t have boarders added many more levels to physical relation of spaces in city. We live in the era of customizing and personalizing every digital service for each user. Cartography of cities seems to be a neglected area but has a great potential for development. Purpose of the research was to create personal, digital map that predicts the most attractive places for the user. Researching the accessibility in city of Tucson with the personal cognitive maps led to an idea of an urban gondola that runs above the orthogonal plan of the streets, brings people above the ground to see and understand the city better and creates an efficient low-cost solution for joyful travel between city center, Catalina Foothills and the Mount Lemmon.

Guide to Personal Cognitive Map
Panorama of Tucson

Studio Professor: Bill Mackey