Sound of the Border
Sound of the border is a project that focuses on the topic of how the US-Mexican border disturbs the immaterial world of data and energy sharing.

The southern border of the United States impacts the natural environment, cultural life of the borderland community, international migration, and many other material areas of the world. However, it has a major impact on the digital environment as well. Richard Buckminster Fuller once wrote that a wealthy society isn’t one that possesses a large amount of money or goods, but one in which knowledge is shared. Looking from that perspective the borderland community suffers from the lack of communication resulting lack of cooperation and as a result, it is exposed to an exponential impact of climate change. The project research the existing infrastructure used to transfer energy and data as well as electromagnetic waves that are generated both by energy and data transfer. The goal of the project is to expose the issues with international communication and energy transfer and create an installation that would allow connecting nodes in the two countries enabling international interaction that’s record would be broadcasted to the border wall using it as a large-scale antenna.
Collaboration: Rachel Schultz
Studio Professors: Susannah Dickinson, Aletheia Ida